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We will help you achieve happiness & fulfilment by guiding you to
your life path!


I believe that everything is connected, and in order to feel our best self, balance is essential. And when we are in balance we can see clearly, the path we are meant to walk. Are you ready to connect to your inner wisdom? To let go of what is no longer serving you? To feel inner peace and trust in your path? Are you ready to step into power and create lasting change? If you answered yes, then yes,  life coaching is exactly what you need!

 Using my skills and experience, and a combination of Well-being Coaching and holistic therapies, we will work together to:
* Define your well-being goals
* Create a personalised well-being plan
* Help you to clarify your vision, life purpose, goals and values
* Make energetic shifts and long-term attitude changes
* Challenge destructive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you stuck
* Identify resistance and self-sabotaging behaviours
* Recognise your stress triggers
* Help you to honour your own health and well-being
* Listen to your body and recognise the signs of stress and imbalance
* Live with greater awareness, clarity, balance and vitality


Working on bringing balance to the body with Yoga, and exercises adapted to YOUR needs. Nourishing the body with inspiring recipe’s to bring your tastebuds to life!

Help with changing to a diet that’s right for your body using Ayurvedic knowledge. We will use embodiment exercises to build a better relationship with your body.


Freeing the mind from thought patterns that are no longer useful and replacing them with positivity using mindfulness and meditation. We will set new goals and habits to get you where you want to be.




Using shamanic healing techniques to free you from old traumas so you can look forward again. Re-write old stories and create new better ones. You decide who you want to be. This is your life and I welcome you to embrace it fully.





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I have had the pleasure to have helped many people find their path through healing:

When I first thought about getting a shamanic healing session, I was hesitant. It seemed like such a different way of looking at things, that I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Then, I was brave enough to take the step and ask Mo to help me heal something that had been sitting with me for such a long time I barely remembered how it all started. We sat down together and she helped me through the whole process. She not only provided the space for me to speak freely, but she was also the hand to hold while taking the step, the guidance to shift my perspective, the energy to make it happen and the shoulder to cry out of relief. What I love about this process is that you are not doing it alone, and at the same time it empowers you – you are the one creating the recipe for the remedy you need. Mo is there to help you walk that path and find it. And once your session is over, she makes sure that you can take it with you, as well as offering you the possibility of getting back in touch with her if you need anything after the healing. Overall, it was an amazing experience and all I can say is that I wish I had done it sooner! If you still have doubts, all I can say is, give it a try. Nothing will change unless you change – and maybe those same beliefs holding you back from doing it are the ones preventing you from changing. The only way of finding out is giving it a try!

Shamanic Healing

Thank you both so much for organising this amazing retreat. I literally feel like a new person and I can’t stop smiling. You are both so knowledgeable, so creative and fun. There is nothing but good vibes. I loved everything about this retreat and all it had to offer. The womens circles were perfect. I felt completely at ease. This was a truly magical safe space to be yourself, no judgements, only positive support and encouragement from everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed every session over the 4 days, loved the free time too and chatting with everyone. Such a fantastic bunch of women. (Patsy too!) The food was absolutely delicious and I looked forward to every meal. My skin is literally glowing from all the nutritious food! Mo and Jess, you are both awesome people. I cannot recommend your retreat highly enough to others. I am forever grateful and thankful that I was able to be part of it! Thank you. Ali xx


Mo and Jess share wisdom and kindness in a way that in the normal course of life, only a sister or mother would. They are brimming with ideas, creativity and humour and able to pass on and foster skills in a way that only a woman can. The retreat itself is stunning – set in the green hills of Snowdonia in a converted barn. The vegan food was out of this world – Mo is certainly a talented chef. The spaces were curated with items of interest and guidance. Boho Spirit Tribe create a safe and joyful space to reconnect with oneself and nature and most importantly to connect with other women. It is a wonderful thing to find a long lost tribe.


I would recommend Mo’s Shamanic Healing to anyone who is currently dealing with anything that is holding them back from growth. The way that this process taps into body, mind and soul is such an incredible experience. It helps to realign the three and get you back into feeling yourself.


Shamanic Healing


My healing with Mo was, I would say intense and relieving. I had been talking to a psychotherapist over the phone for a few sessions however I felt it was very slow and I wasn’t really expressing my true
concerns. With Mo, I felt a strong energy in the room and from her. I felt like I could trust her and open up. It was difficult for me to at first however she quickly got to the core of my worries in an effective yet safe way. It almost felt like a purging process, worries were forced to come up and then we dealt with them through a guided meditation. I feel this was super effective as we were healing through the subconscious. I felt so much lighter emotionally coming out of the session and would definitely recommend. Thank you Mo.

Emma G
Shamanic Healing

The time I spent with Mo during my healing session was both profound and life changing. I had been stuck in a place of feeling trapped and needed some intuitive guidance. Mo supported me in finding the answers I needed which were deep within myself. Mo has a calm, gentle yet powerful aura and she guided me through a journey in a safe way that enabled me to feel empowered. She checked in with me throughout the following week to see how I was responding to the healing and to encourage me to use the mantra tools that I had gained during the
session. On a personal level, Mo is a steadfast friend who is committed to the personal growth and development of both herself and those around her.
She is a valuable source of knowledge and energy and her presence is healing and inspiring.

Joanna S.
Shamanic Healing


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